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FAQ - Production FAQ
Question:  Why Nickel-Free is needed?
Answer:  Human's ears or other body parts when pierced with nickel containing Jewellery may result in allergic reaction. The European Directive, 76/769/EEC - 12th Amendment (94/27/EC) was enact to prevent sensitised persons from suffering allergic reaction when wearing jewellery and other items. The important thing to note here is that the law applies to all jewellery (including costume/fashion jewellery) and other items that come into contact with the skin. Thus watches and watch straps are also embraced.


Question:  What is Nickel Free Plating?
Answer:  Parts of jewellery and other items coming into direct and prolonged contact with the skin:
(a) Release of nickel above 0.5 micrograms per square centimeter per week is prohibited.
(b) This release rate not to be exceeded for a period of at least 2 years of normal use of product.
For normal use, any jewellery or other items in direct and prolonged contact with the skin must comply with the nickel release requirement. This affects mainly gold and costume/fashion jewellery (gold plated often has a nickel plate underlayer).


Question:  Does HUISHENG offer Nickel Free Plating?
Answer:  We do offer nickel free plating for most of the finishing. However, there is still some finishings that we can't provide nickel free plating at the moment.


Question:  What is RoHS?
Answer:  The European Union (EU) implemented a Restriction on Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and prohibited the use of lead and 5 substances in electronics beginning July 1, 2006. The current draft of the definition of "lead free" by RoHS Indicates a maximum concentration value of 0.1% by weight in homogenous material for lead, mercury, hexavalin chromium, polybrominated biphenyls (PBB), and polybromintated diphenyls (PBDE). And will tolerate a weight for homogenous cadmium of 0.01%.


Question:  Does HUISHENG able to comply with RoHS?
Answer:  The substances concerned will be Lead, Hexavalin Chromium and Cadmium. The international standard of #3 Zinc Alloy is lead <= 0.1 % and Cadminium <= 0.01% and other metal is <=0.1%. The major material used in our production is #3 Zinc Alloy and together with Nickel-Free plating, our production is able to comply with RoHS. However, please specific this requirement when giving enquiries/orders.


Question:  Why plating color changed after sometime and how to prevent?
Answer:  Plated hardware may oxidized due to humidity, chemicals residue in leathers or any other reasons. An additional layer of transparent lacquer will be able to protect plated layer from oxidation. In our normal finishings, Nickel, Nickel(Nickel Free), Chrome will not have lacquer protection. Please specific additional of lacquer if lacquer is needed. All other finishing will, by default, have lacquer protection.


Question:  What is hanging plating?
Answer:  Each items first put in a rack. Rack is then immerse in plating bath to prevent item from touching anything during the plating process is called Hanging Plating or Rack Plating. Hanging plating enable items surface with very nice quality plating. Most gift or fittings for leather goods are using this method.


Question:  What is Rolling Plating?
Answer:  All items first put in a barrel. The barrel is inside plating bath. Plating items by turning the barrel is called rolling plating or barrel plating. The rolling plating result in scratches on the surface of each item as item hits each other during the plating process. The unit price is lower and commonly used for garment industry.


Question:  What are the raw materials used?
Answer:  The major material used is #3 Zinc Alloy. There are some components made of Iron, Brass and steel or else.


Question:  May I know the common finishing HUISHENG can make?
Answer:  Here are the common Finishing available:
Raw w/ Lacquer*
Brushed Raw w/ Lacquer*
Copper w/ Lacquer*
Brushed Copper w/ Lacquer*
Brushed Antique Copper w/ Lacquer*
Nickel w/ Lacquer*
Brushed Nickel w/ Lacquer*
Brass w/ Lacquer*
Brushed Brass w/ Lacquer
Brushed Antique Brass w/ Lacquer*
Gun Metal *
Brushed Gun Metal w/ Lacquer
Pearl Gun Metal w/ Lacquer
Gold w/ Lacquer*
Pearl Gold w/ Lacquer
Rose Gold w/ Lacquer*
Pearl Nickel w/ Lacquer#
Brushed Pearl Nickel w/ Lacquer
Pearl Chrome w/ Lacquer#
* Can be Nickle-Free
# Possible to deliver without lacquer that depends on customer's request.
For other finishings, please ask.


FAQ - Development FAQ
Question:  Can HUISHENG reproduce my article?
Answer:  If your article falls into our production line, we are sure that we can re-produce it by make a new mould. If an article was produced using other production method, we may change the fitting a little bit to fit into our current production line. A technical drawing with our amendments can be provided prior to molding.


Question:  Can HUISHENG work on my hand drawing?
Answer:  We have our R&D department who can turn hand drawings in to technical drawings. Once technical drawing is confirmed, we can produce mould/hand made sample accordingly.


Question:  Can I get a handmade sample before molding?
Answer:  For new development, CAD drawing for approval will be given prior to molding. Hand-made sample after confirmation of drawing can be prepared. However, it is make of brass and without plating. Charge for hand made sample will be required. The amount depends on the size and complexity of the item need to be developed.


Question:  What is the lead time for molding/tooling?
Answer:  In general, the time need for molding to first sample will take 10days-2 weeks time. Complex design or multiple parts items will need longer time. Usually, the production lead time for new items is longer as the mould is fresh and may need further tuning during production. It is usually at least 2-3 weeks.


Question:  Can I add logo on your existing item? What are the methods available? 
Answer:  Yes, you can. Below is the method available.
Laser Logo
Oxidized Laser Logo(or Black Laser Logo)
Silk Screen Logo (Any color wanted)
Embossed Logo (molding needed)
Engraved Logo (molding needed)
Engraved Logo w/ enamel (molding needed)
Engraved Logo w/ enamel or epoxy (molding needed)
Engraved Logo w/ colored epoxy
Engraved Logo w/ Polished color epoxy.
Plated Logo


FAQ - General information and Conditions
Question:  What is your orientation on this market?
Answer:  Because of the one stop production and services , it is easier for us to control the quality and QC prior to the shipment. We are providing excellent quality articles around the world for different brand names , it sets us in a upscale position in this aspect.


Question:  How can I know the latest product developed by Huisheng?
Answer:  Online Catalogue will be updated from time to time. New printed catalogues will be published as soon as new products had accumulated to a certain level, usually once a year or every two years. You are welcome to request new catalogue for your reference once available.


Question:  What is your MOQ? Can I order small quantity?
Answer:  The MOQ is different for different items. In general, our MOQ is 500/1000PCS per style. Smaller quantity is welcome but the price will be different and there maybe some surcharges due to bank remittances charge or paypal surcharge.


Question:  Is plating done in-house or Sub-contracted?
Answer:  HUISHENG itself owned hanging (Rack) plating facilities. The rolling plating finishing is currently subcontracted.

Question:  Does HUISHENG export overseas and major export market?
Answer:  HUISHENG exports products to more than 50 countries in different regions. 

Question:  Does HUISHENG have any sole distributors?
Answer:  We don't have any sole distributor in any country. We export directly to our customers all over the world.


Question:  Is sample available? If I need a few samples for getting approval from my buyer, how can I get them?
 Answer:  We understand the importance of samples in the industry and most of our items always have a small stock in certain common finishings. We can send sample in 1-2 days for you to check the size, shape and usage. For sampling on specific finishing and quantity, a much longer time will be taken. In general, it will take 7-10days and sample charge will be needed.